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March 2024: Department of Defense Mentor-Protégé Program Overview

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Are you a federal contractor or Small Business Liaison Officer (SBLO) looking to strategically plan for your future contracting goals? Join us to learn if the Department of Defense’s Mentor-Protégé Program is a good fit for you. The DoD Mentor-Protégé Program is often seen by small businesses as a goal to obtain larger contracts, which can work and often doesn’t. This training will provide the basics of the program including what the program is, who can participate, and steps to get started. We will also discuss the risks, benefits, and commitments that the program requires. Several cases will be discussed including one that was successful and one that was not successful so you can determine if jumping into DoD Mentor-Protégé is right for you!

If you have more questions, please contact us at info@norcalptac.org or (707) 267 – 7561