How to Do Business with the Government

Is your company ready for government contracting?

Did you know government agencies purchase almost everything – from custodial, construction, and IT, to pencils, pet food, and even goats for grazing!

Join us to discover the opportunities and requirements of doing business with the government. These trainings are crafted to help you determine if selling to the government is right for you and teach you the basics of how to get started and be successful. 

How to Do Business with the Government

An Introductory Training

In this 60-minute, high-level overview you will learn:

  • What the APEX Accelerator Program is
  • What the government generally contracts
  • How to determine if selling to the government is right for you
  • How to get started
  • How to start marketing to the government
  • Where you can find bid opportunities
  • Norcal APEX Accelerator’s 10 Steps for Success​

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Capabilities Statements

A resume for your business

It should be short – generally just one page – and it should list all of the relevant information about your business in a concise and visually pleasing format. We recommend that you create multiple versions of your Capabilities Statement to target different agencies or opportunities, just as you would a resume.

Your Path to Government Contracting Success

An In-Depth Review

In this 90-minute, in-depth training you will learn:

  • The government contracting process
  • The benefits of APEX client services
  • The four phases of preparation
  • Tips and tricks for maximizing your efforts and staying organized
  • About various websites and resources for contracting through hands-on demonstration

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What is Norcal APEX Accelerator?

A Government-funded Nonprofit

Norcal APEX Accelerator logo

Northern California APEX Accelerator was formed to advance entrepreneurship and economic growth through procurement technical assistance for all businesses in Northern California. As part of a nationwide network, we are here to help local businesses successfully sell their products and services to government agencies.

One-on-One Counseling

Our Procurement Specialists have 241 years of experience, combined. That’s 34 years on average! Our specialists can help you determine if your company is ready for government opportunities and how to best position yourself to succeed. Our expertise covers local, state, and federal government contracting.

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Custom Bid Matching

If you sell it, the government probably buys it. Our Procurement Specialists will help you identify the best keywords to optimize your visibility and set you up with a customized daily email to access federal, state, local, and subcontractor opportunities catered to what you sell and where you sell it.

FREE – available to clients only


Trainings, Webinars, and other Resources

We have a great number of resources, articles, links, handouts, webinar recordings, and much more, to help you decide if government contracting is for you, how to take your first steps, and how achieve success in the government marketplace. Keep your eye on our calendar for upcoming live events too!

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If you have more questions, please contact us at or (707) 267 – 7561