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“I wanted to say thank you and show our greatest appreciation to [Norcal APEX Accelerator]! We feel so Lucky that we
were able to get advice from you!”

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NTD Digital is a boutique digital agency based out of Santa Clara, California established in 2021. They focus on driving sales, market shares, and bottom line growth through quality video production, photography, graphics, digital advertising, and website design services. Maggie Wu, their Director, heard about government contracting as a possible revenue stream and had been
researching and learning more about government contracts when she saw that there was an RFP issued by Santa Clara County looking for long term videography services. In November of 2022, NTD Digital reached out to Norcal APEX Accelerator for assistance with responding to this opportunity.


With less than a month until the RFP was due, Maggie and her team prepared what they could with their understanding of the procurement process but knew there was more to success in the government market. Norcal APEX Accelerator was able to quickly begin working with NTD Digital to help them prepare and understand what was required for the proposal. NTD Digital needed to be
registered as a vendor with the State of California and the County of Santa Clara. They also needed assistance with the specific requirements and format for the proposal since this was unfamiliar to them.


First, they needed to make sure that all their registrations were in order. Once they were registered as a vendor with Santa Clara County and Cal eProcure, Norcal APEX Accelerator began guiding NTD Digital through proposal development. In this new territory, the NTD Digital team benefitted from Norcal APEX Accelerator’s expertise and advice as they prepared everything from the executive
summary and staffing plan to the cost proposal and more. Norcal APEX Accelerator helped the NTD Digital team create a checklist to track the proposal development and make sure that all required elements were included before submission. Once they submitted the proposal, Norcal APEX Accelerator assisted NTD Digital with market research for other solicitations while they waited to hear back from Santa Clara County. When they were contacted to schedule an interview, Norcal APEX Accelerator and NTD Digital got to work immediately to develop a high level pitch and presentation for the interview.


With Norcal APEX Accelerator’s expertise guiding them, Maggie and the team at NTD Digital developed a winning proposal and presentation and were awarded the five year term contract with Santa Clara Water District to provide media, photography, videography, and communication consulting services. With the taste of success, NTD Digital looked forward to other opportunities within the government market with Norcal APEX Accelerator ready to assist.

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