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“Norcal PTAC has been very helpful to us in clarifying any questions and concerns we’ve had. They have gone above and beyond and have helped us develop strategies to bid on opportunities and to win those bids.”

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First Pick Builders is a residential and commercial construction company who specializes in both emergency and environmental services (water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, mold testing, lead removal, etc.). They have been in business since 2006 but only recently decided to enter the government market.


When First Pick Builders started their relationship with Norcal PTAC they had recently applied to a bid and lost. They were confused by the language and requirements in the bid and were frustrated with the outcome. They also had several other questions like how to navigate Cal eProcure (the state’s purchasing website) and how to do effective market research.


To solve the above mentioned challenges for First Pick Builders, Norcal PTAC assigned them a Procurement Specialist who worked with them one-on-one to address their specific needs. Their Procurement Specialist helped them interpret the bid they lost and assisted them in developing new strategies to win bids in the future. Norcal PTAC guided them through the process of perfecting their Cal eProcure account and used special software to see which government agencies would potentially be interested in purchasing First Pick Builder’s services.


As a result of Norcal PTAC’s support, First Pick Builders has obtained their Small Business Certification, and discovered countless new leads and built essential relationships with government agencies. They have also refined their bidding strategy and recently won a $70,000.00 bid.

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