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August 2023: Secrets to an Effective Capabilities Statement

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You wouldn’t apply for a job without a resume, right? Well then, you need to make sure your Capabilities Statement is ready for working with the government!

A capabilities statement is like a resume for your business as you look for opportunities in government contracting. If you’re new to government contracting you may not have heard of this document but it’s a critically important resource to develop and understand, as it is a key marketing tool commonly used for networking with government agencies and prime contractors.

In this webinar, we will guide you through the basics of building a capabilities statements. By the end we want you to understand the importance of these documents, how to craft an effective one for your business, and how to utilize it as part of your government contracting marketing plan.

Webinar Topics Include:

  • What a capabilities statement is
  • Why they are important
  • How they’re used
  • How to develop your own
  • Pointers on how to stand out from the competition

If you have more questions, please contact us at info@norcalptac.org or (707) 267 – 7561