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“We’re so happy we were awarded a contract with the DMV in Sacramento. We are so super excited and would not be at this wonderful crossing without PTAC. Thank you Norcal PTAC since it is you who educated us to gain this success!”

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SafetyByGeorge is a California Small/Micro Business (CA SB-MB) certified company based out of Humboldt County, California that aims to fulfill employee safety training obligations that can be required by CAL/OSHA or OSHA. They offer a variety of courses related to occupational safety and health. Their courses provide required training in a simple to follow format and are unique, informal, and friendly. Their owner George Walker discovered Norcal PTAC attending a PTAC workshop in Eureka, CA in February of 2020.


Mr. Walker’s business is located in a rural and economically disadvantaged region of California where knowledge of government contracting potential is generally low. He knew he wanted to do business with the State of California but was in the process of getting his business set up as an LLC and was having some trouble understanding where certifications and contracting would fit in and where to start. Norcal PTAC Counselor Nanci Pigeon began meeting with George in one-on-one counseling sessions to help him understand the overall steps. She broke it down piece by piece with him, starting with registrations and marketing materials.


Ms. Pigeon helped guide Mr. Walker through Cal eProcure registration and CA SB Certification while also collaborating on drafting a Capabilities Statement. Once these steps were completed, they worked together to find the best Small Business Advocates in his target departments. He then reached out to around 60 of them with his new Capabilities Statement, which was filled in with his new certification and all the relevant details advocates and contracting officers need to see. Mr. Walker was pleasantly surprised with the “tremendous” positive responses he received, which he credits in large part to the professionalism displayed in his Capabilities Statement. Ms. Pigeon also helped Mr. Walker register with the California Small Business Emergency Registry, in order to provide services during emergencies in the state.


SafetyByGeorge, equipped with a new CA SB certification and an understanding of the landscape of California government contracting, recently received their first contract, a safety training contract with the CA Department of Motor Vehicles in Sacramento. They are excited and determined to turn this initial success into future business with the state. Mr. Walker attributes this success to his work with Norcal PTAC. We look forward to continuing to work with SafetyByGeorge!

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