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Ask Ed | Contractor Organizations – to Join or Not to Join?

A Monthly Public Works Column By Ed Duarte, Construction & Public Works Specialist.

After a construction company has been in business for a while, sometimes it pays to consider joining an industry type of organization.  There are numerous associations out there so if that makes sense for you, then be sure you choose wisely.

There are organizations out there for general contractors, specialty subcontractors, union contractor groups and open-shop contractor associations to name a few.

There are several primary benefits that are provided when a contractor joins a particular  Contractors’ association:

  1. 1. Membership provides an immediate network of your peers who probably have the same goals and interests

  2. 2. An association has access to the latest product data and technical developments

  3. 3. Group buying power is available for insurance, advertising, and professional services.

  4. 4. There is group political clout when lobbying for legislation that is important to your industry.  This has become increasingly important in public sector contracting.

  5. 5. In the case of Builders Exchanges, membership provides access to Plan Rooms along with a multitude of plans & specs for projects out to bid, along with a weekly newsletter.

So, whatever type of construction you build, a contractor association is usually a wise thing to consider.