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January 2023: How to Win Contracts by Making a Capture Strategy

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Most contractors operate on a fiscal year similar to the calendar year. The federal government’s fiscal year begins on 1 October and ends on 30 September. The knowledge that most Government agencies plan their fiscal budgets years before the current fiscal year is key to developing a capture strategy. Long before the government releases a formal RFP or begins soliciting bids on a particular project, they are allocating dollars in capital spending plans or creating preliminary budgets that signal opportunities that may come down the road months, or years, later. A capture strategy is “managing and engaging in the pre-competition phase in an organized way designed to increase win potential.”

During this webinar, we will review the historic federal government spending cycle to learn when to expect opportunities. We’ll look at the forecast of opportunities to plan for those opportunities, begin researching and preparing for the opportunity and contact the listed agency to build a relationship. Finally, we will review the key concepts of building a capture strategy to prepare for new, expiring, or re-compete contracts. 

In this webinar, participants will learn the following:

  • Federal Government Fiscal Year Spend Cycle
  • Forecast Opportunities and Building Relationships with Agencies
  • Advanced Planning –  Capture Strategy

If you have more questions, please contact us at info@norcalptac.org or (707) 267 – 7561