Thomas Burns

Procurement Specialist

About Me:

Thomas Burns has over 25 years’ experience providing start-ups, micro & small businesses with expert advice and assistance in the areas of government contracting, business planning, marketing and sales support. His background includes providing direct representation to small businesses, writing business plans for 50+ clients, bidding and winning multiple contracts with City, County, State agencies as well as doing business with prime contractors in a variety of industries here in Northern California.

Mr. Burns has personally trained, coached and assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs, professionals and small business owners.  He has taught webinars, seminars and conducted workshops focusing on building relationships with Prime Contractors, creating winning business plans and marketing to government agencies.  Through his personal experience as a business owner, Thomas brings a unique perspective to the small business community.

And finally, entering his 4th year as a Procurement specialist for Apex Accelerators, and having provided direct assistance to 200+ small business clients, has only increased his knowledge, expertise and understanding of the California Government Marketplace, its resource tools, purchasing methods, and various marketing strategies that can help firms achieve success selling to California State Agencies, Counties, Cities and Transportation agencies.