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Capabilities Statement/SOQ

A Capabilities Statement (aka Statement of Qualifications or SOQ) is essentially a resume for your business and used as a marketing tool when networking with government agencies. The one rule that can’t be broken is it MUST be one page – front and back is OK.

We recommend that you create multiple versions of your Capabilities Statement to target different agencies or opportunities, just as you would a resume. For a simple example, you might have one targeted to California state agencies that lists your UNSPSC codes and CA SB certification, and another for federal agencies that lists your NAICS codes and your federal certifications. If you are submitting a Capabilities Statement for a specific opportunity, don’t list experience irrelevant to the opportunity. See below for a sample template and a webinar for more details. If you’re in our service areaapply to be a client for free assistance with your Capabilities Statement. If you’re outside our service area, find your nearest PTAC here.