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“Nanci Pigeon [Procurement Specialist] made a very complicated process easy to navigate, step-by-step. She is a true
professional. I could not have become a CMAS vendor by the deadline without her help.”

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YourVoterGuide, Inc. is a Northern California based company committed to providing accurate, reliable and user friendly online voter guides. The company works with election officials, political parties, organized labor, and grassroots advocacy organizations to provide election information based on relevance and geographic location.


Philip Muller, owner and CEO of YourVoterGuide, Inc., had submitted a proposal to the Secretary of State (SoS) for an online elected official guide. Philip received notice that none of the proposals submitted were accepted and no other company was granted the award, but he did not know why or how to retrieve the information for future adjustment.


Norcal PTAC Procurement Specialist helped retrieve information about the unfavorable results of the SoS’ RFQ. One of the issues was that the SOS wanted a contractor with a California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) contract which YourVoterGuide, Inc. did not have. Norcal PTAC helped YourVoterGuide, Inc. establish a CMAS contract as quickly as possible in anticipation of an updated solicitation. The Specialist and the client reviewed numerous GSA contracts, analyzed the service provided as well as the various roles and expertise in the company to match with GSA schedule labor categories. They identified an existing GSA base contract, and prepared the documents to apply for the CMAS contract. The Specialist also provided information on preparing a capabilities statement.


The CMAS application documents were hand delivered to the CMAS office in Sacramento and within a few days YourVoterGuide, Inc. was awarded a CMAS contract with the state of California. This CMAS agreement will increase their chances of receiving future solicitations.

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