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“Without Norcal PTAC’s help, we wouldn’t have even entered government contracting. Our PTAC Consultant, Nanci Pigeon went above and beyond. She has been extremely helpful. Nanci assisted us in registering our business on key platforms, CMAS application and award, and getting us started. We couldn’t be more appreciative of their services.”

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Stage 4 Solutions, a certified Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), is a trusted provider of consulting and interim staffing services to high tech companies, government agencies, and healthcare organizations. Founded in 2001 by Niti Agrawal, they fill functional gaps in marketing, technology, and operations. When their Director of Marketing, Selen Asar, first came to Norcal PTAC they were already registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) but had no previous experience with government contracting. They had attended a California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) webinar put on by Norcal PTAC and were interested in obtaining a CMAS agreement as a way to break into the government market.


Stage 4 Solutions’ primary focus was on obtaining a CMAS agreement but they were unaware how to identify an appropriate General Services Administration (GSA) contract to use. They also hadn’t yet completed their Small Business Administration (SBA) profile to include keywords or a capability statement for the Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS). Additionally, after an initial meeting with a Norcal PTAC Procurement Specialist, it was identified that there were issues with their SAM registration and that they needed guidance on how to read solicitations and market their services to government agencies.


Norcal PTAC helped Stage 4 Solutions with their CMAS application. Together, they worked through CMAS procedures, GSA contract selections, and filling out and submitting the application. Norcal PTAC performed several reviews of the CMAS application to make sure all areas were completed. To help Stage 4 Solutions complete their SBA profile, Norcal PTAC helped fix SAM registration issues, and advised on how to add keywords and a capability statement. Stage 4 Solutions also received counseling on how to create a capability statement and market their business to other state and federal agencies.


As a result of Norcal PTAC’s assistance, Stage 4 Solutions was awarded two CMAS contracts. They learned key marketing strategies to connect with state and federal Small Business Advocates and are overall more confident in approaching government opportunities. They still actively work with Norcal PTAC and are exploring whether a GSA contract would be right for them.

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