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Correa Logistics, LLC

“After a year in business, I almost gave up on pursuing government contracts to focus on just the commercial market. My introduction to NorCal PTAC and specifically Nanci Pigeon, gave me the tools and methods to win a HSP44 contract.”

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Correa Logistics is a small business based out of Santa Rosa, California with operations and staffing in multiple states across the US, from coast to coast. They develop and market innovative medical products and services to multiple industry sectors across the world. Their mission is to provide preventable disease solutions that will enhance patient outcomes and improve global healthcare. Correa Logistics’ comprehensive array of products allow for extensive coverage of client support, regardless of size. Kwasi Mensah, Co-Founder and CEO, came to Norcal PTAC in November of 2020 eager to get started in government contracting.


In 2020 Correa Logistics was still relatively new and had no contracting experience yet. They were seeking guidance on topics ranging from registrations and certifications to proposal review and market research. They met with Procurement Specialist Nanci Pigeon to discuss where to start and together they developed a plan of action to introduce their products and services to the government market.


Nanci and Kwasi worked through and CaleProcure registrations to start, then moved onto the California SB certification. Then, since Kwasi is a service-disabled veteran and a 51% owner, they were able to get Correa Logistics certified as a SDVOSB (Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprise) with the Federal government. Nanci set them up with Norcal PTAC’s free BidMatch service and taught them how to understand their daily bid results. Once they drafted a professional capabilities statement, they spent hours reviewing potential bids and putting together proposals. Kwasi was receptive to all input and frequently joined training events in order to learn the most he could. Finally, they got registered in the DoD’s DIBBS marketplace system and signed up for the Veterans Institute for Procurement (VIP).


Correa Logistics had an excellent year in 2022!  First, they received an award from the Veterans Administration for 7-Day Meal kits for $36.5K, then a contract with CA Health Benefits for Rapid Diagnosis Kits for $11K, and a contract with two laboratories for $472K in miscellaneous lab supplies. Then Correa completed the year by joining a prime contractor on a $50 million 5-year contract for the State of Massachusetts. Correa will be supplying all medical equipment and medical supplies for this multi-year contract, which they earned through relationships they built in the VIP program, of which they are now graduates. Ultimately, Correa Logistics has been a wonderful client and had done all the hard work to ensure their path to success. We look forward to continuing to support their growth into the world of government contracting. 

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