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Four Norcal PTAC Benefits You Might Not Know About

Are you an existing client of Norcal PTAC who has only used our consulting services just a few times?  Have you thought about becoming a client of Norcal PTAC, but never found the time? As a Norcal PTAC Procurement Specialist, I want to share with you what I think are some of the most overlooked benefits you can receive after becoming a client. And like all of our services, these are offered to clients for free!


There are four little known tools Norcal PTAC Procurement Specialists have at our disposal that saves our clients time and money, and helps them win more contracts!



Govspend bills itself as the #1 tool for selling to the government.  Govspend is a powerful database that tracks spending of federal agencies, states, counties, cities, transportation agencies, universities and school districts across the United States and Canada.  Every week, I have clients who ask me to do many types of searches on Govspend on their behalf.  I can look for any current bid solicitations based on titles and keywords in only minutes.  I can compile a list of procurement officers, managers and other decision makers for any government agency you are interested in reaching out to.  Govspend can also be used to compile data showing past solicitations, purchase order spending, and sales data on your competitors and who those agencies have bought from in the past. Govspend is a fee-based site that charges huge licensing fees to access this valuable data but as a client of Norcal PTAC, we can provide data searches on your behalf at no cost to you.


2. Fedmine

As the name suggests, Fedmine is a database exclusively limited to federal government spending.  Just as powerful as Govspend, only Fedmine allows us to do a deep dive in most federal contracts awarded.  For example, I regularly help clients learn who won a federal contract and find out exactly who the contracting officer responsible for that award was and when this contract will come up for solicitation again.  There are so many features packed within Fedmine, I cannot do it justice in this article. Needless to say, if seeking federal contracts is the focus of your company, then working with Norcal PTAC to gain access to this database, at no cost, is invaluable.


3. Bidmatch System

Bidmatch is our most popular service that most of our current Norcal PTAC clients already take advantage of. Using keywords and location specific information, we are able to provide our clients with current solicitation notices directly to their inbox on a weekly basis.  However, a seldom used added benefit of the Bidmatch system is the wealth of information contained in these solicitations.  Most of the time, clients simply look for solicitations that are the right match to bid on, but ignore all the valuable contact information contained in all of the other solicitations that might not be a right fit for them.  Our Procurement Specialists can show you how to take this information and build a database of contracting officers who you can now market to and build relationships with for future opportunities. This powerful Bidmatch is another system we pay for and offer to our clients for free.


4. Govology Training

Are you the type of learner that wants to sit and watch a video webinar where the information is delivered in an easy to understand manner? If so, then Govology is your answer. Alongside Norcal PTAC’s extensive webinar library, Govology is an online database of educational webinars designed specifically for businesses wanting to learn everything there is to learn about government contracting. In fact, as a Procurement Specialist, I also take advantage of Govology, especially when new rules or regulations come out from the federal government. Govology is an invaluable learning tool, and we make this available for you at no charge.


These four examples are precisely why Norcal PTAC adds significant value to our client’s ability to find and win contracts.  If you are a current client of Norcal PTAC but have not reached out to your Procurement Specialist in months, or if you have been thinking about applying for services, these four features should motivate you to reach out and act now! Fill out an application for services at the APPLY NOW button at the top of our webpage or reach out to us by email: or by phone: (707) 267 – 7561


Written by:

Thomas Burns,  Norcal PTAC Procurement Specialist