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Sunny With a Chance of Opportunity – FY 22 Federal Forecast of Contracting Opportunities

Did you know that at the beginning of every fiscal year (Oct 1) federal agencies are required to publish a Forecast of Contracting Opportunities? Public Law 100-656, the Business Opportunity Development Reform Act of 1988, amended the Small Business Act to place new emphasis on acquisition planning.

By October 1 of each fiscal year, federal agencies post contract opportunities that exceed the simplified acquisition threshold, currently $250,000, that can or will be set-aside for small businesses and socio-economic programs.  Vendors are able to find and learn about potential contracting opportunities early in the acquisition process; enabling them to prepare market strategies before opportunities post in

All forecasted opportunities are projected and subject to revision or cancellation. Final decisions on the extent of competition, small business participation, estimated value, or any aspect of a procurement are only made if/when a procurement is posted to Forecast data is for planning purposes only and is not a commitment by the government to purchase the described products and services.

Posted opportunities provide a description of the requirement, the magnitude of the effort, the FY Quarter for solicitation release, the proposed set-aside, and points of contact. There should be enough detail in the posted opportunity to determine if it is a requirement to watch for.

Below is a list of Forecast of Contracting Opportunities websites for Federal Agencies excluding The Department of Defense. Search for opportunities in Fiscal Year 2022.

Acquisition Gateway: (includes: US Department of the Interior, US Department of Labor, US Department of Commerce  and General Services Administration

US Department of Agriculture:

US Department of Education:

US Department of Energy:

US Department of Health and Human Services:

US Department of Homeland Security:

US Department of Housing and Urban Development:

US Department of Justice:

US Department of State: 

US Department of Transportation:

US Department of the Treasury:

US Department of Veteran Affairs:

Federal Aviation Administration: