Expert Advice

The Networking Process

At Norcal PTAC we encourage our clients to attend trainings and procurement events where you can meet representatives from government agencies, as well as prime and subcontractors you might be able to partner with.  As with any marketing campaign, making sure you stand out as a quality candidate for projects is a process that requires your attention. The following steps are suggested to assist you in that process:

  • Review the agencies that will be attending and ensure you connect with them. Network with decision makers, buyers, influencers, and anyone who could be a resource in getting you better situated in your field.
  • Research the agencies you want to work with—what they buy, who they buy from, what is their selection process, etc.
  • Work the Room – Check the roster, ask questions, listen, build rapport, and identify needs and opportunities with agencies’ representatives and other attendees. Share your strengths and expertise and offer to demonstrate those in a follow up appointment.
  • Follow Up – Within 24 hours, confirm a follow-up appointment with relevant connections and send information tied to the relevant need. Be a resource for agencies and other parties with whom you could potentially partner up. Make yourself known by being present and helping others succeed.
  • Track results – Collect contact information, document needs and create next steps “action plan” that you can follow up on after the event.

Remember to listen actively, be a resource, and don’t forget to connect with the other businesses that attend the event – they may hold the key to your next contract!


Written by Lenny Bean, Norcal PTAC Procurement Specialist.