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Rain All Day Books, Fortuna

Monica Hubbard had been working at a local bookstore in Humboldt County. She had been gaining more responsibility at the book store, when she realized, “I could do this on my own. I like this life of books and people.” In September of 2006, Monica went into business for herself and opened up a used book store called Rain All Day Books. 

Inspiration Stones, San Rafael

Company Profile:
Inspiration Stones, Inc.™ started business in 1998 and first brought to market the product known as Pocket Stones™, a successful inspirational item created and produced by Theodora Scott, owner and award-winning designer. Since their creation, more than a million Pocket Stones have been sold. Initially, factories in Larkspur and Petaluma, CA created the first engraved inspirational words on pocket-sized semi-precious stones which were sold primarily to gift stores. Today, Pocket Stones™ are manufactured in both the USA and in Asia.

PsiNapse Technology Ltd, Pleasanton

PsiNapse Technology is a leading provider of staffing services and was ranked #24 on the San Francisco Business Times 2007 annual list of the Largest Latino-Owned Businesses in the Bay Area. The list is comprised of companies located in the San Francisco Bay Area and is based on FY 2006 revenues.

San Francisco Guitarworks, San Francisco

Company Profile - SF Guitarworks is a guitar repair business in San Francisco that specializes in all types of guitar repairs and a large client base in the local entertainment industry. Owner Geoff Luttrell opened the business in 2002.

Jessicurl, Arcata

Jessica “Jess” McGuinty, owner of Jessicurl, was blessed with a head of unruly curls. After devising a recipe to tame her locks with flaxseed gel, she shared her concoction with others she met in an online community dedicated to curly-haired individuals. Due to the overwhelming popularity, Jessicurl was formed and has since developed a full line of hair products for curly hair and has created a cult-following of customers. Jess can often be heard saying the Jessicurl slogan, “you have the right to remain curly.”

Zadin Restaurant, San Francisco

We Are Family - Zadin

Truc Tran and Bao Phan signed up for San Francisco Small Business Development Services in 2006, approximately one year prior to launching their successful, upscale Vietnamese Restaurant, in March of this year, in the Castro.

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